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Web Development


Every business no matter how large or small needs a presence on the Internet and a website is an extension of the business. At the very least your website...

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IT Support & Managed Services


Our IT Solutions department brings together a multi-disciplined team that are able to provide clients with an innovative and cost-effective IT solution...

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Digital Marketing


The world of digital marketing can seem very daunting with many different platforms and avenues available such as websites, blogs, forums, socail media, pay per click...

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We specialise in wide range of communication solutions for clients, ensuring they get best systems and value. In recent years businesses having being paying....

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  • assessment

    The Citipro's Business Technology Assessment is an assessment of your business’s use of technology, potential areas of improvements, issues, weaknesses or frustrations. It will help you gain a better understanding of your business goals and allow us to identify ways to help you realise your business potential by generating more business, improving efficiency, reducing ongoing costs and frustrations.

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  • relocating

    Read our Relocation Guide before organising your next move. When moving many issues need to be considered, new network configurations are required, WAN circuits may have to be coordinated, new PC’s and printers may have to be purchased, configured and installed, new phone connections set up, and so on. All office moves will be unique, with different issues and challenges. Whether you are large or small company its essential to have a office checklist, having a base plan to start with will save you time and can minimise downtime and improve productivity.

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  • businessgrowth

    Is business slow? Business growth Generate more business with Digital Marketing. Nearly every business would like some form of growth, more customers, more sales, good cash flow, larger deal sizes, higher volume, etc, but in order for this to happen a effective growth strategy must be put into place, this comes hand in hand with technology. Growth strategies include partnerships, market expansion, acquisition, product extension, and franchising. These are well known, but how would your business come to decide on which the best one for you is and how the company will be run

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  • sercurity

    Concerned about security? Good surveillance helps minimise loss and legal issues. Many businesses are now implementing CCTV surveillance systems, whether it is in retail or an office based company. It allows you monitor customers and staff. If you are a small or medium business, implementing some form of surveillance should always be considered, not just to monitor the customer but also the staff.

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  • businessdevelopment

    When you have a business idea, that you are serious about, to make it a reality you need to take action! Most people we speak to have business ideas or dreams, especially for creating a web based service or a product. Unfortunately, they never go ahead with them for lack of experience and knowledge or simply because they don't bother to take action. Others are highly skilled in their business field but have no experience with web based business.

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  • communication2

    Telephone systems are often integral to any business and some businesses pay huge monthly bills. With our modern Voip systems we can save you money. We can review your current telephony setup, assess your phone bills, advise on improvements and inform you how we can save you money on your phone bill.

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